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Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.
Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.
New Products – Portable Air Conditioning Crystal and Gelo

New Products – Portable Air Conditioning Crystal and Gelo

New Design, New Features, New Environmentally Friendly Gas yet powerful and energy efficient like old– New domestic portable air conditioning systems for your home.

EcoAir is proud to welcome the Crystal and Gelo into our Air Conditioner family. These new additions have been specifically designed to help owners reduce bills, save energy as well as being environmentally friendly.

The new EcoAir Crystal has an impressive 9000 BTU of power which enables it to effectively cool environments with ease. It has been creatively designed to be compact and yet retain all the power expected of a portable air conditioning unit. Highly mobile at only 26.5kg and with easy glide castor wheels the Crystal is easy to maneuverer between rooms. Get comfortable in your arm chair or sofa and control the Crystal via a wireless remote control. Never has cooling your environment been so easy.

The New EcoAir Gelo is just as impressive with 9000 BTU of power. This domestic air conditioner stands head and shoulders above all else when it comes to elegance of design. It truly is one of the most attractive portable air conditioners on the market today. WiFi enabled meaning the ability to connect your air conditioner to your hand-held smartphone or tablet. EcoAir is one of the only air conditioners available to date with this feature. Making controlling your air conditioner just that little bit easier.

About Ecoair

EcoAir supplies air treatment products such as dehumidifier, heat pump air conditioning, portable air conditioning and air purifier.  EcoAir leads the desiccant dehumidifier industry in the UK because of its relentless push for innovation. EcoAir has introduced a series of desiccant dehumidifiers including electronic and manual control systems into the market. These domestic desiccant dehumidifiers have set a benchmark for all others to aspire to.

Environmentally friendly

EcoAir selects its air conditioning units by carefully taking into account its impact on the environment. EcoAir is constantly researching and developing new products that are more environmentally friendly. As such EcoAir is proud to announce it is switching to R32 Gas. R32 Gas is a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to R410A since its Global Warming Potential (GWP) is of 675 compared to 2088 for R410A.

R32 is a safe refrigerant to use, however is considered flammable. International Standard ISO 817:2014, segregates the flammability of refrigerants into 4 categories as follows:

- no flame propagation (Class 1)

- lower flammability (Class 2L)

- flammable (Class 2)

- higher flammability (Class 3)

R32 falls into the “lower flammability (Class 2L)” category meaning it as a difficult refringent to ignite.

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