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Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.
Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.
EcoAir IFA 2014 Press Release

EcoAir IFA 2014 Press Release


After years of double-digit growth, EcoAir has expanded its product range to become the leading manufacturer of air care products, such as air conditioners, air purifiers and dehumidifiers, particularly the technologically-advanced desiccant dehumidifier for the domestic market.
Adopting the highly efficient desiccant dehumidification technology from industrial applications into the domestic environment, EcoAir now manufactures the broadest range of desiccant dehumidifier.
EcoAir remains true to its strategy, which involves maintaining a very high standard of quality in its manufacturing processes, coupled with substantial re-investment into research and development of innovative technology to enhance energy efficiency and product safety.

Growing share in the market
“Like no other brand in its branch of industry, EcoAir stands for functionality, durability, elegance of design, service and brand aura”, is the way, Sally Fok, Managing Director sums up EcoAir’s ethos. This promise lends itself to elevate EcoAir to become the market leader in Desiccant Technology for domestic dehumidifiers.  This can be corroborated by the
accolades and awards won by the original market leading desiccant dehumidifier, the DD122 Classic.
Further potential for growth
EcoAir’s Head Office is based in the UK, is a global manufacturer with operations in the USA and Europe. Over the next few years, EcoAir will continue to expand into other international markets whilst still holding tight to their core
Intelligent Energy saving – E7 Technology
Relentless in the search for a formula to reduce wastage and save energy, EcoAir introduced the E7 Technology in 2012.  The E7 Technology is featured in all EcoAir’s desiccant dehumidifier and is continuously improved as part of their
research and development.
ECO E7 Technology has multiple algorithms operating in parallel to manage power, temperature and humidity to
optimise performance and save energy. E7 brings some powerful features into all EcoAir’s desiccant dehumidifiers:-
Auto Toggle Power Saver
The Eco E7 Technology has the power to do amazing things. It senses the ambient temperature and humidity level that automatically toggles between the full power, economy power and standby modes. This function will reduces energy consumption by as much as 40%.
All EcoAir’s desiccant models have a built-in auto sensor that continually detects and measures the air humidity to
ensure even circulation of air. It knows when to toggle the dehumidification requirements. This ensures that the
humidity level is under control and that it only consumes electricity when absolutely necessary according to the mode selected.
Overdry Protection
Using any dehumidifier at High Modes over long periods can cause unnecessarily "over-dry" ambient air. The good news is the E7 Technology knows when to toggle the dehumidification process when the air gets too dry.
EcoAir is seeking partners in the European region to join forces to continue the successful adventure and to be in the forefront of dehumidification technology.

Press contact:
Tel no: +44 (0) 20 8459 2458

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