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We are expecting increased volumes over the January period and there may be delay in delivering your item to you.
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EcoAir is the owner of all images, videos and copywriting on the our webpages, pdf, videos and images, in the case of licensed stock images, the copyright would belong to the licensor.

We may give consent for certain persons to use our materials with a credit to EcoAir's website, subject to the following minimum charges :-

Videos - £2000 per video per annum 
Images created by EcoAir - £500 per image per annum
Banner created by EcoAir - not allowed
Stock Images not created by or on behalf of EcoAir - not allowed
Copywriting by EcoAir - £1000 per article per annum

We would normally allow our trading partners to use our images and videos free of charge or at a reduced rate subject to written confirmation from EcoAir.