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The Sunday Times - 31st July 2011 Issue

ECO10P & ECO15P Portable Heat Pump Air Conditioning 

Should there be a heat wave in the coming weeks, most of us will make do with electric fans that simply push the warm air around. Aside from only needing air conditioning for about one week a year, we've been deterred from investing because it used to be so eco-hostile. Technology has moved on, though, and buying an air-con unit is no longer on a par with strangling dolphins.

This summer, for instance, EcoAir launches a new portable domestic system that uses heat-pump technology. Heat pumps work by extracting heat from one place and pumping it into another and so, when the weather gets cold, your air-con unit can also function as a heater.

EcoAir's clever little device is three times as energy-efficient as gas and electric central heating, so cutting harmful CO2 emissions. The quite units also have filters to remove dust and bacteria from the air. Price start at £299.

(Extracted from The Sunday Times - 31st July 2011 Issue pp. 21 Home Section)




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