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Practical Caravan - May 2011 Issue

Britain's Top Caravan Buying Guide, With Our Verdicts

ECO DD122FW Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier 

We talk a lot about the weight of the accessories because it's an important consideration when planning which kit to take on tour. The same applies to a dehumidifier, which would be a low priority on our list of touring essentials. Caravanners still need to dry their clothes, though, and if the weather doesn't help out, a dehumidifier in the van may ease the process.

The compact EcoAir model weighs only 6kg when empty and is 48.5cm tall. It holds two litres of liquid and has 'quiet' and 'turbo' settings. It uses a desiccant (a substance that absorbs moisture) rather than a compressor, and has a handle to make it portable. No harmful gasses are emitted and the air is purified using nano silver technology filters. The only downside is that it does not run on 12V, but it isn't likely to be in constant use. (Extracted from Practical Caravan magazine Britain's best-selling caravan magazine - May 2011 Issue pp. 141)

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