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Air Purifier ECO PURE126 Filters Bundle Pack - BP-PURE126

by EcoAir
Original price £90.00 - Original price £90.00
Original price £90.00
£90.00 - £90.00
Current price £90.00
  • This Filter Bundle Pack included: Carbon Filter x 2pcs, HEPA Filter x 1pcs, VOC Filter x 1pcs & TiO2 Filter x 1pcs
  • Filter Lifetime (Carbon) - 60 - 90 Days
  • Filter Lifetime ( HEPA / VOC / TiO2) - 180 - 365 Days
    Net Weight Kg 0.87
    Gross Weight Kg 1.23

          Benefits of the ECO PURE Series 6 Stage Purification Filters
  • Carbon Filter - Has the ability to adsorb almost any vapour and odours.dander.
  • HEPA Filter - This filter is a fine-particle-filtering technology it will trap airborne diseases airborne allergies and is also useful fight against asthma.
  • VOC Filterr - (volatile organic compounds) This filter traps carbon based molecules which are found to be 1000 times more concentrated in a house then outside. Because it is introduces when using household cleaner, paint, adhesives and carpets. eg: Formaldehyde (house hold products) Polyurethane (sealants,paint carpets)
  • TiO2 Filter with UV lights. The killing zone this process is know as hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions. It zaps what might get through the other filters.