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What is the H8 code on my portable air conditioning?

The H8 code on your portable air conditioning unit indicates that the water tray is full. When the air conditioning unit is functioning, condensation accumulates inside the machine. If the weather is very hot, the condensation will increase. Therefore, it is normal to have excessive condensation in very hot weather conditions.

The excess condensation flows to a tray at the base of the machine and the H8 indicates that the tray is full and needs to be manually drained.

  • Unplug your portable air conditioner
  • Find the drain plug at the rear bottom of the portable air conditioning
  • Pull the drain plug out and allow the water to drain
  • Wipe dry the machine, your hands and the floor area then plug the machine back in to run it.

If the error code persists, please get in touch with us.

Drainage Port