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Should I have my dehumidifier serviced

We recommend that your dehumidifier is serviced regularly as regular maintenance ensures proper hygiene of your product and less chance of a malfunction or breakdown with your appliance. Please do not wait for it to be faulty or smell musty before getting it serviced.

Dehumidifiers are designed to reduce humidity by taking in the ambient air and passing it through a process to enable the extraction of moisture before expelling the air back into the room. During this process, dust and odour from the room environment can get trapped in the dehumidifier and over time, this may build up if not cleaned properly. The majority of our complaints over smell or breakdown are often due to a lack of proper maintenance.

EcoAir offers service plans specially for EcoAir dehumidifiers. Your dehumidifier will be thoroughly serviced and we will clean and disinfect the interior of your appliance whilst carrying out the service.

For more tips on how to maintain your dehumidifier, please see how to take care of my dehumidifier.