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Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.
Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.

Is dust a problem for my dehumidifier?

Dust can be a serious problem for your dehumidifier if it is allowed to enter and manifest inside the machine, potentially creating a serious fire hazard.

All of our dehumidifiers come with one or more filters which are designed to shield dust from entering the interior of the appliance. Excess dust that is caught by the filter should be removed regularly and we advise that the filters are cleaned every 2 weeks (see the link below for how to clean the filter).

 It is also advisable to replace your filter periodically, generally once every 6 months. For dehumidifiers that have special filters such as the carbon filter, they should be replaced every 3 months.

What does the filter do?

The filter is positioned at the air inlet where the ambient air is sucked in and serves to shield your dehumidifier from dust. It also cleans the air drawn in and disrupts microbe growth and reproduction, offering dependable protection against bacteria.

What happens when excess dust caught by the filter gets into the appliance?

If the dust is allowed to accumulate, the air running through the machine will inevitably push some of the dust particles into the appliance. This could block air circulation and cause the product to overheat. Furthermore, it could become a fire hazard if a dust bunny develops inside your appliance. Therefore, it is very important to clean your filter regularly and change it every few months.

We recommend that when doing routine housekeeping (e.g., dusting or vacuuming), it is good practice to turn off your dehumidifier to avoid micro dust particles being absorbed by your appliance. Micro dust particles can wrap around the coils and lead to overheating.

Please also note that domestic dehumidifiers should not be used to air dry plastering. Plaster particles are very fine and can clog up the coils and it will severely shorten the life of the dehumidifier.

How do I clean my filter?