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Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.
Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.

How to store your dehumidifier

Before storing away your dehumidifier, you need to take care to make sure that it is clean and dry. Any moisture left in the dehumidifier will cause mould to thrive and spread inside the dehumidifier. When this happens, the bacteria in the mould will cause a musty smell and can cause a failure if the mould gets to the mechanical parts. Therefore, the trick is to dry the interior out before storing.

1) Remove as much moisture as possible from the internal of the dehumidifier

Run the dehumidifier on a high fan and select the highest humidity setting possible on your dehumidifier for several hours.  The idea is to run the dehumidifier on fan mode only without extracting moisture so that it dries out the internal parts.  Then unplug it and wait for a couple of days for all of the moisture inside the dehumidifier to dry out. Some dehumidifiers have a "Clean" function, and if yours does, this is the time to use it.

2) Carry out a routine maintenance on your dehumidifier

Clean the filters, air inlet and outlet, water tank and the continuous hose (if in use). See how to take care of my dehumidifier for more information.

3) Allow the dehumidifier to air dry completely

Leave it to stand unplugged for a day or so before packing.

4) Packing

If possible, repack the appliance in its original packaging or at least cover the dehumidifier with a covering to protect it from dust.

5) Storing

Store it in a place without direct sunlight and with minimal fluctuations in the ambient temperature. A dry and cool place such as a storage room is perfect.

It is very important to always remember that the dehumidifier must always be kept upright, never place it on its sides or upside down as this will damage the dehumidifier and, if left in these positions for a prolonged period of time, it will most likely be beyond repair.