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How do I choose which BTU for an air conditioner?

What size air conditioner do you need
If you are struggling to sleep at night and need to cool down your bedroom, its definitely the EcoAir Crystal MK2 7000 Btu air conditioning. If its for a small living room, go for the EcoAir Crystal MK2 9000 btu air conditioning.  The Ecoair Crystal MK2 12000 btu air conditioning is a much larger air conditioning and its louder too, so choose this if you need an air conditioning for your living room or a conservatory.

What does BTU mean?  Air conditioning capacity is commonly measured by "BTU". BTU stands for British Thermal Units. BTU is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

How many BTU Air Conditioning do I need? Follow the table below to find the approximate ideal cooling capacity (btu) Eco-Air air conditioner for your room:

Cooling Capacity *
9,000BTU 12,000BTU 18,000BTU 24,000BTU

Shaded room N/E facing

26 sq meter
(279 sq feet)

35 sq meter
(376 sq feet)

50 sq meter
(538 sq feet)

60 sq meter
(645 sq feet)

What does BTU mean?

  Sunny room S/W facing & conservatories

16 sq meter
(172 sq feet)

21 sq meter
(226 sq feet)

35 sq meter
(376 sq feet)

42 sq meter
(452 sq feet)

The above recommendations are estimates based on Eco-Air's air conditioning units only.

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How to convert BTU/ Hour to Watt ?
1 BTU/hr = 0.293071 W

1000 BTU/hr = 293.071039 W