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Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.
Welcome to EcoAir! Explore our collection of our exceptional award-winning products.

EcoAir 800ml Vesto Photocatalyst Air Purifier Dehumidifier 400ml Per Day With 3M Cord

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Original price £99.98
£99.98 - £99.98
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EcoAir Vesto Photocatalyst Air Purifier Dehumidifier with Double Filtration  

Vesto is designed to eliminate unwanted moisture from the air for small area such as wardrobes, airing cupboards, cloakroom and cabinet which are susceptible to dampness and odour. Moisture in the cupboard causes mould and bacteria. 

The answer to this problem is this exceptional hybrid air purifier that will destruct pollutant rather than trapping pollutant on the surface of the filter that prevents mould.

The Vesto dehumidifier come in 2 filtration stages:-

Stage 1 - Filter Clip with Nano Silver antibacterial net (External Filtration)
- First defense against dust particles entering the Air Purifier. 
- The Nano Silver inhibits bacterial growth 
- This external filter needs to be cleaned every 2 weeks and replaced every 6 months as the germicidal effectiveness will diminishes over a period of time.

Stage 2 - Photocatalyst Technology (Internal Filtration)
Second defence against air borne toxic organic matter namely
- TiO2 produces catalytic, reduces volatile organic compounds, eliminating bacteria
- UV led Light sterilises the air, neutralises bacteria 
- Nano Silver filter kills bacteria

2 Year Warranty
Peace of mind that comes with a two year warranty as standard.


  • Operation temperature range 15~35 ºC
  • Power Consumption (30ºC 80%RH) 60 Watts 
  • Space saving configuration.
  • Water full indicator and shut off.
  • Auto defrost to be workable in lower temperature.
  • Detachable Base for Tilt Over Protection.
  • Maximum extraction of 400 ml of water per day.
  • Tank Capacity 800 ml.
  • Quiet at only 28 dBA
  • 3 meters power cord.
  • Recommended for area size 4.5 - 9.1 square meters
  • Light weight at 1.7 Kg, Gross Weight 1.8 Kg
  • Net Dimension W 25 cm x D 10.2 cm x H 25.5 cm (Including Base Plate)
  • Gross Dimension W 31.9 cm x D 11 cm x H 28.5 cm