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Practical Boat Owner - November 2012 Issue

ECO DD122FW MK5 Classic Desiccant Dehumidifier 

PRICE: From £169

It is that time of the year when boat owners start thinking about getting a dehumidifier on board. 'Dehumidifier season' traditionally runs until spring, but if next summer is as wet as this one then you might find yourself wanting to reduce moisture below deck year-round.

The new dehumidifier from EcoAir, the latest update to its DD122FW range, is a desiccant dehumidifier, which means it should be better in lower temperatures than more common refrigerant dehumidifiers. The new model should save energy and reduce waste, providing a more efficient all-round dehumidifier. EcoAir claims that energy bills should be slashed by up to 40% by the 'Auto-Toggle Power Saver', which automatically senses the air temperature and humidity level and switches between the various power modes as requred.

(Extracted from Practical Boat Owner - November 2012 Issue pp. 88 on PBO Chandlery Section)

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