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Practical Boat Owner - March 2012 Issue

ECO DD322FW Classic Desiccant Dehumidifier 

EcoAir has replaced its best-selling X-Dry dehumidifier with the less-memorably-titled DD322FW Classic. Smaller but capable of extracting more moisture, it is an all-around improvement: it can extract up to 10lt of moisture a day and has continuous self-drainage system, so you do not have to empty it regularly. It uses a desiccant technology rather than a compressor - which means it contains no harmful gasses - and performs better and more quietly at lower temperatures.
Boat owners with the X-Dry can still pick up spare parts for that model from EcoAir, even though it has been discontinued.

(Extracted from Practical Boat Owner - March 2012 Issue pp. 96 on PBO Chandlery Section)

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