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First Time Buyer - December 2017 Issue - DC202

First Time Buyer - December 2017 Issue - DC202

First Time Buyer - Dry as a bone! - December 2017 Issue

DC202 Hybrid Dehumidifier 

Nobody wants to live in a damp space but it's a little known fact that excess moisture in your home can cause a number of humidity-based problems including rot, damp and mould.

These can be harmful to both you and your property. Ecoair's DC202 is the perfect tool for tackling any humidity-related problems. It's not only a dehumidifier - removing moisture from the air - but this fantastic multi-functioning dehumidifier can also regulate air purity.

The DC202 has a 4L water tank, meaning you won't have to empty it too often. Its auto 'shut off' feature will let you know when the machine needs emptying or alternatively you can set up the continuous drainage, which means no manual emptying is needed. The air purify function uses a five-stage purification system with a 3-in-1 filter, giving you the best chance of controlling impurities such as house mites and pollen, and also unwanted odour.

The easy-to-use control panel has settings for drying, a swing function and even has a laundry mode for when you are drying clothes indoors. The dehumidifier also has an auto-defrost setting which prevents damage that can be caused by the machine running when it is too cold. The DC202 even has a fragrance box that is simple to use - just remove the plastic insert, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and your home will smell wonderful!

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