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Are you prepared for the Summer Heat Wave?

Are you prepared for the Summer Heat Wave?

Never has it been a better time to in the UK to go outside and enjoy the unprecedented weather we have been receiving in the UK. As you are out basking in the glorious sun spare a thought for you home. Is your home hot and humid when you get in? Are you finding it hard to sleep at night? Don’t let the summer heat bother you and properly prepare yourself for the coming heat waves we are set to receive.



EcoAir has been manufacturing air treatment products since 2006 and stand at the forefront of one the fastest growing industries in the UK... Air Treatment.  EcoAir has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of the air treatment industry by driving down consumer costs whilst also investing heavily in R&D. As such we are your perfect partner to help you tackle the heat this summer.

Our range of portable are conditioners have been specifically designed for domestic use for human comfort. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand exactly what our consumers need and are proud of our selection of portable air conditioners. The Artica MK2 8000 BTU has been the flagship portable air conditioner for many years and now comes equipped with Wi-Fi technology enabling you to control the temperature of your home environment from a million miles way. If you are hot and sticky at work you will be safe in the knowledge that your home will be nice and cool when you get in via controlling your air conditioner from our App. Equally our newest air conditioner the Crystal 9000 BTU comes equipped with a new environmentally friendly refrigerant gas known as R32.  This gas drastically reduces your global warming potential compared to the majority of air conditioners in the market today. Finally, our Apollo 1200 BTU is our most powerful air conditioner allowing users to not only cool but heat their home environments in the winter too.


If you have purchased an EcoAir air conditioner then you are half way to combating the heat in your home. You now need to operate the air conditioner in the proper way. EcoAIr air conditioners come equipped with extraction hoses which enable you to funnel the hot air generated. If you don’t use an extraction hose then the air conditioner will simply rotate hot and cold air into your home environment room.  It is also important to note that your air conditioner is not for 24/7 365 days per year use. EcoAir air conditioners have been designed specifically for domestic use for human comfort. If you have a non-domestic environment which needs cooling then we strongly recommend purchasing an industrial air conditioning unit. 

So be prepared, be cool and be in control of your home environment this summer and above all else enjoy the weather before it reverts back to the good old British weather we know and love.

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