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Drainage Connector - ARTICA - ARTICA MK2 - CRYSTAL - GELO - APOLLO - DC12 - DC14 - DC18 - DC12 MK2 - DC14 MK2 - APOLLO MK2 HOSA-100009

by EcoAir
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When you run your portable air conditioning on very hot and humid days, there will be a lot of condensation building up within the machine.  You may want to consider setting up a continuous hose drainage as this will increase the efficiency of your portable air conditioning and also to avoid excess condensation to build up within the water tray inside the machine.

You will need to remove the Continuous Drain Plug and attach the  Continuous Drain Adaptor,  Continuous Drain Plug and the hose 

Suitable for these models - ARTICA - ARTICA MK2 - CRYSTAL - GELO - APOLLO - DC12 - DC14 - DC18 - APOLLO MK2