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Dehumidifier DD122FW CLASSIC Motor Boats - October 2012 Issue

Motor Boats - October 2012 Issue

ECO DD122FW Classic Desiccant Dehumidifier

PRICE: From £159.96

Air apparent

EcoAir's dehumidifier proves it's in a different class

With autumn fast approaching, it won't be long before thoughts turn to keeping the boat warm and dry through the coldest months. I make no secret of the fact that I am a big fan of using a dehumidifier on board, and specifically the modern desiccant type which often come with another useful function. The latest model that i have been testing is the DD122FW MK4 from Ecoair. This particular model seems purpose built for boats which are very compact (48 x 29 x 18cm) and incredibly lightweight at just 6Kg.

As well as keeping the boat dry when not in use, I have been using the DD122FW while I have been on board, and it has proved its worth many times over in eliminating the condensation that forms on the inside of windows, hatches and bare fibreglass when staying on board overnight.

It also has useful setting that not only dries the air, but produces a useful amount of heat, enough to keep our 28ft boat warm even when it is very cold outside, although the fan noise in this mode is a little intrusive if you are a light sleeper. Being a desiccant type it works well down to 1°C and it also has Silver Ion filter that is supposed to kill airborne bacteria and control the growth of microbes. It is even available in a choice of blue or pink coloration.

Smooth Operator

On auto mode, the dehumidifier automatically adjusts its power consumption to deal with the level of humidity. So if the boat is dry it will sustain that power and, when required, turn up the power to dry the board quickly before setting back down to a low-level operation.

The unit comes with a built-in container than can collect 2 litres of water and also comes with a length of hose to allow constant draining into a galley sink. In use the DD122FW can suck a serious amount of moisture out of the air. In one six-hour period on a particularly damp day it extracted 1.8 litres, consuming around 4kwh over the period. In more normal conditions on auto setting, it will typically extract around 0.6 litres over six hours and consume around 1.3kwh.

You can of course leave the unit on automatic on a permanent basis, but to save electricity I run mine of six hours for every 24 hours and find it keeps the boat perfectly dry.

There may be cheaper dehumidifiers on the market but none will offer the performance of the DD122FW in a package so small and so light. To my mind it is worth every penny and really is the perfect boat dehumidifier.


(Extracted from Motor Boats - October 2012 Issue pp. 56 on Tried&tested Section)

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